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We were fortunate to have been put in touch with Peter Davies of Davbuilt Construction when the builder on our designer home was placed into receivership three quarters of the way into the build. Peter very quickly came to grips with the requirements to complete the build, providing professional, yet empathetic advice. He was very open and transparent in the pre contract stage and accessible during the completion phase. The project was completed to the standard that we had originally envisaged and while there was personal, emotional and financial pain, we know that Peter shared some of that pain. He has also demonstrated post completion that he is fully prepared to stand by his work and while we do not see much of him, he has responded promptly and taken responsibility for those issues that have arisen.

To our minds, Peter went above and beyond what he was contractually bound to do to ensure that we took ownership of the dream home that we had designed and planned on. He demonstrated he is a man of integrity, with sound moral and business principles. We highly recommend Peter and Davbuilt Construction should you be considering your dream home.

Michael and Anita Berry


Birchall & Partners Architects have worked with Davbuilt for over 10 years; and in that time, they have consistently show a dedications and integrity towards both the desired client outcomes and the project itself. Peter and his team are always willing to work through any potential issues that may arise, to ensure a positive outcome is achieved for all parties.

When collaborating with Davbuilt, we are always able to ensure our projects meet client’s expectations and do not exceed their budgetary restraints. We would not hesitate to work with them in the future.

Graham Birchall,
Birchall & Partners Architects


From the moment you decide to buy a block of land, you become a pursuer for the right builder in order to build the home of your dreams. One would think this isn't such a difficult thing, however it does present some challenges. Which builder? Which house design? Which designs can we manipulate from the stock standard choices? Can we move the bedrooms around? These were all challenges we faced as we began our journey after purchasing our block of land.

We'd had many lengthy discussions with various project and designer builders, but for some reason we just weren't quite getting the design we envisioned. It wasn't until an afternoon in March that we met with Peter from Davbuillt on our new block of land. His first question to me was "what do you like about a house?". I explained my vision for a modern contemporary home that was not a "cookie cutter" generic style. Within 30 minutes Peter had sketched a fabulous L-shaped contemporary, individual and unique home on a piece of paper, not something recreated from a previous design. From tha honest conversation, Peter had matched my vision, and from there our journey began with Davbuilt Constructions.

There are very few moments I can truly say I've been thoroughly impressed and delighted by the service and professionalism of a single person, let alone a team. But, in the case of Davbuilt Constructions, I have been lucky to have worked with Peter, Andrew and their team of great people, from their carpenter Matt, to their electrical team of Craig and Steve. They have looked after, managed and supported us through our build process, right to the very end when the keys were handed over.

We will be forever grateful for the attention to detail and pride that Peter, Andrew and their team put into building our new home. Given that this is where our children will grow, where Christmas' will be had, and that this is truly one of the biggest journeys we will travel - I consider myself lucky that we chose Davbuilt Constructions.

We would recommend Peter, Andrew and their team at Davbuilt Constructions any day of the week, and hope to work with them again one day. But, most of all, I am incredibly pleased we had an honest conversation on a footpath in March!

Cass, Glenn, Noah and Oscar Cooper



Just a quick note to thank you again for the superb effort you put in during the building of our second home with you.

Both Jodie and I expected a trouble free building process after our previous experience at Montego Way and you delivered again.

Your building knowledge and experience were extremely valuable in coming up with some creative solutions and achieving a fantastic new home that we all love.

Through it all you were helpful, flexible and above all approachable. All clients must think their home is the only project going but you managed to make us feel that our home was important to you, from early morning meetings to late night calls you always made us feel like valued clients.

After building two homes with you in 5 years I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending you to anyone looking for a quality new home.

Thanks again.


Paul and Jodie


Our first major renovation came after many (20+) years of vowing we'd never become another Horror Renovation Story. Deciding to proceed with a 160m2 extension to our Queenslander was not undertaken without a lot of soul searching and preparation.

After nearly 12 months of council & tribunal, we were devastated when our original builder couldn't fit us in but he referred us to Pete and we didn't look back. From the day the excavator arrived, to the final skip bin, it was an absolute thrill to have Davbuilt and its contractors on site.

Nothing speaks in greater volumes than the last day when we noticed the guys seemed to be moving in slow motion. When I asked why, one said "We don't want to leave - it's been such a good, fun, organised, hassle-free job". And that sums up our first renovation experience.

Six months later, living in our "new" home, we are just as thrilled with the outcome. We continually see reminders of the guys, reminders of certain stages of the job and, instead of cringing like many home owners, we smile.

Whilst we know we should stay and enjoy our home for a while, the Davbuilt experience was so good we're hunting for another house just so we can do it all again - sorry Pete!


Michael & Amanda


The Grand Avenue State School community has been fortunate to establish a strong professional relationship with Peter and Davbuilt through his significant program management roles in the school's facility's development program.

His industry knowledge, guidance and standards are highly valued. He ensured that the school achieved the best possible outcome that the market could provide. He is a diligent business man whose relationships are based on integrity and trust.

Graham Fuller- Principal
Grand Avenue State School


Thank for inviting me to the 10th year anniversary of your business.

The dinner was memorable for a number of reasons. In the day to day activity (sometimes frantic), it is easy to lose sight of one's achievements.

I think the night gave you the opportunity to reflect on the ups/downs of your building activities. You certainly covered that all well.

It's certainly nice to pay tribute to those who have helped you along the way. Again you did that well.

One's clients/sub-contractors/employees are a reflection of the character of the owner of the business. Your integrity, honesty and hardworking shone through during the night and that it was reflected in the type of people you gathered around.

You spoke warmly of the support given to you by Deanne (and so you should). But I think that reflected the family nature of the organisation you have built in terms of clients and subbies.

And for me, what a delight to sit and listen to Miron and Simone. A humble man who has achieved much in his life.

All in all, a top night.

Congratulations, and all the best for another 10 years (at least) of profitable and satisfying activities.

Kind regards

Patrick Hoiberg Chartered Accountant


Congratulations to Davbuilt in reaching your decade milestone.

It is with pleasure that I write this testimonial to the Davbuilt building service.

We have previous experience building homes but none have been as rewarding as our recent venture with Davbuilt.

While most of the normal issue in construction were encountered all were resolved in the appropriate manner without confrontation or disagreement.

It is a pleasure to work with someone who shares attention to detail and a passion for the best result.

It is beyond doubt that we could not have built our outstanding home without the patience, flexibility, skill and foresight of Davbuilt.

Thank you, Peter Davies and we wish you all the very best in the future.

We will look forward to using Davbuilt when next we build.

Patrick Duggan


My wife and I had built a family home three times prior to deciding to build what we now consider to be our "final" place of residence. Hence, we knew what we wanted in a builder to ensure that our vision and expectations of a home could be actualised. We were looking for a builder who could see what we could see when we accepted the final plans of our house. We also wanted a builder who we could trust to build a home that attended to high quality in terms of structure, finish compatibility with our quality of life.

Peter impressed us from the first meeting because of his initial interest in our life style and the expectations that we had of the house. though the initial house plans were of a high quality, Peter very quickly deomonstrated his previous design experience by providing some very insightful and financially sound advice for improvement. During the construction of the house we always felt that Peter managed the construction of the house as if it was his own that was being built. Peter was always available to discuss our questions and consider options as the house was built.

During recent years, there have been some minor post construction issues that required attention. We have been very impressed with Peter's regard for his professionalism and reputation as a reliable builder and accordingly his commitment to rectify these issues thoroughly.

My wife and I would strongly recommend Peter as a builder who builds visions, not just houses.

Nello and Teresa Raciti


We had a home designed for a particularly steep block of land and selected Davbuilt to be the builder. The steepness of the block caused its own issues and we also had some unique design features and wishes and throughout, Peter Davis from Davbuilt and his team rose to the occasion each time.

The quality of the trades people was generally good and in some cases outstanding. Reporting on progress was accurate and timely and at the handing over of the keys, we were within budget and we parted on very good terms - a clean sign of a successful project. We are extremely happy with the finished home.

Stuart & Carmel Wallace


Congratulations to Davbuilt and to you on your 10 year anniversary!

Davbuilt and its principal, Peter Davies, has been our preferred building partner for well over 5 years. In that time Davbuilt has been engaged to provide a wide range of building services across a number of different projects ranging from house renovations, complete single dwelling builds from $250,000 to over $600,000, multi-unit townhouse developments and high end luxury apartments up to 5 stories high.

In all our projects we have found Davbuilt to act in an honest, reliable and efficient manner. The key requirement for us in any project is to have a builder who we can trust, who can provide reliable estimates and who can deliver a quality product on time and on budget. Davbuilt and Peter Davies meets all of those requirements.

We have enjoyed working with you over our past projects and look forward to many more in the future.

We would have no hesitation in recommending you to your future clients and please feel free to pass on our details to them if they would like to discuss our past projects.

Yours sincerely
Yuen Sun


From our first dealings with Davbuilt Constructions we knew we were in good hands with Peter. His attention to detail, knowledge and organisational skills are truly excellent. He inspires confidence and has a great team to get the job done.

The Davbuilt team managed to get us home a little early and on budget - a testament to their 'family values' vision. Their carpenters, in particular Andrew, are second to none. They deserved every doughnut, scone and biscuit delivered to them!

Davbuilt Constructions made our tiny little cottage into a beautiful family home. We count ourselves lucky we went with Davbuilt Constructions.

Mark & Maggie