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Specialty Consultants

We have a blend of consultants whom we can call upon to work with us to create your building. We can take your project from concept to fruition, engaging Town planners, Architects and Engineers on your behalf. We will arrange for soil testing, engineering plans and environmental reports all of which are necessary to get your plans approved and ready for construction.


Our Principle and Director, Peter Davies, is a qualified Architectural draftsman and has over 25 years experience in the construction industry. With the assistance of our contract design partners we can take your sketch concepts to working drawings. As most people have a problem envisaging concept drawings in 3 D we provide full colour concept plans where you feel as though you're walking through your new home. This provides you with a real feel of space and concept.

Council Submissions

Davbuilt Constructions takes the hassle away from you. We will prepare the Building Approval documentation, lodge and negotiate with the Private Certifier or Council on your behalf in order to get your plans ready for construction to commence.

Contract Procurement

Davbuilt Constructions is not limited to the concept of simple lump sum contracts. We fully understand the need to be flexible to meet our client diverse financial requirements. To that end we have facilitated projects under many varied forms including negotiated contracts, fixed price lump sum, design and construction, construction management, project management, cost plus, project evaluation, and contract administration.

Cost Management

Our Principle and Director Peter Davies is a qualified Quantity Surveyor. We can provide you with full cost analysis of your project from sketch concept to final design to ensure that your budgetary requirements are meet. We can continue this through to project fruition with Construction Management style contracts and open book cost auditing where we continually monitor your project so as to be cost pro-active to any variances.